"Thank you so much for the beautiful butterfly lamp. I really love it. Every time I look at it I will think of my Mother."
Karen and John

"Every time my family visits, I turn on my memory lamp. It makes me feel the light of Roy’s spirit is with us and reminds me how important it is to value the love we have for one another."
Susan and Bo

"Thank you for such personalized service. I have a feeling I will be using you many more times as these lamps are an endearing gift for so many occasions."
Debbie Becker

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful memorable gift. It is lit every time the house becomes a little dark and I can see very far away when it is lit. You both should be very proud of yourselves....this gift lifted up my heart and spirits and I am so very proud to be the special person to own one of your beautiful lamps."
Beryl P. Winn